A Fonte


Client: A Fonte, mineral water.
Work: Corporative Image Design of the company and identity manual, design of application and products catalogue.
Year: 2009.

A Fonte is a company that provides other companies with water wending machines.

We tackled the image of the corporative trademark by choosing simple aesthetics that would allow for legibillity. The letter “o” resembles a drop of water coming out of the letter “F”, both letters resembling a founting pouring water. In this way, we managed to integrate both the symbol and the identifying element in one single graphical whole which makes the understanding of the message easier and unifies it. 
We used a tipography of soft and winding strokes built up with straight lines ending in bent finishes.
The chosen colours are a kind of blues that stand out for their subtlety and softness, thus recalling the purity and the high quality of this water.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero