Alameda de Ordes


Client: Council of Ordes
Work: Mural decoration of an area of repairing works in the square of Ordes boulevard
Year: 2008.

The Council of Ordes hired our services to paint a decorative mural that would cover one of the fenced in areas of the square of Ordes boulevard, temporaly closed for repairs to extend the square.
The Council put forward several requisites. One was to create a nice, young and dynamic image of the village that would show a new and modern council that looks to the future and it is also a peaceful and prosperous place to live in. 
For this purpose, we created a dynamic image with a modern graphic language in which soft and pleasant colours predominate and the characters portrayed there take up leisure activities in their free time such as trekking, urban sports, live music, etc.
The mural remained there for several months until the works to extend the square were finished.

Technique: Spray and plastic on wood.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero