Badulake Live Club


Client: Badulake Live Club
Work: Corporative image design, applications, advertising campaign and inside decoration
Year: 2007

Badulake Live Club is a historical concert club in the centre of Ordes (A Coruña). After closing for a certain time and after a change in its location, the club asked us to redesign their image and the promotional campaign of its reopening. Besides, they commissioned us the design work and mural decoration of the club interior. 

For this purpose, we designed several murals in which we played with the idea of the constant mutation and experimentation in music, in this way referring to the independent and changing character of the club that goes against the static commercial parameters of the radio formats.

Therefore, we built a sort of human-animal hybrids which mix classical icons and messages that give birth to new symbols and proclamations in which chaos is present but with a careful composition and meaning.

Technique: mixed technique (spray, plastic and enamel on wall)

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero