Compostela Skate


Client: Cultura Urbana / Concepto Ulises / Town Council of Santiago de Compostela
Work: Design of the image festival, advertising photography, design of the web page and the campaign and later applications.
Year: 2010.

Compostela Skate is a multidisciplinary event that is also a very important skating championship within the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is considered a big festival of all the disciplines related to contemporary urban culture such as skate, graffiti, break-dance and rap music.

The organisers had a clear idea about the design: they wanted it to be a funny and attractive image clearly representing Santiago de Compostela. After thinking deeply about this, we made ourselves two important questions and came to two definite conclusions:
First, nothing better than a pilgrim to symbolise one of the three most important pilgrimage centres in the world.
Second, what ‘pilgrim’ is most popular and well-known in Compostela, in Galicia, and, even in the whole world than the man on the poster?? 
Mr. “Big Shoes”, the mythical pilgrim that is always at the cathedral entrance in the famous Obradoiro square...

This settled, we prepared a peculiar photographic session in which Mr. “Big Shoes” plays the comic and surrealist role of the skater pilgrim to symbolise the event itself. He was dressed with clothes and several accessories directly related to the urban young world such as trainers, sun-glasses and different helmets. We characterised him so to get an image that clearly and simultaneously symbolises the event and the city of Compostela.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero