Client: Council of Ordes.
Work: Design and painting of a mural for a campaign to raise public awareness about gender ‘coresponsibility’.
Year: 2008.

The Secretaría Xeral da Igualdade (Office for Equality), an organ belonging to the Consellería de Vicepresidencia da Igualdade e do Benestar (Ministry of Vicepresidency and Social Welfare) of the Xunta de Galicia (autonomous government), set up a campaign about corresponsability at home. This is a project aiming at promoting domestic and family shared responsibility and it is mainly directed at men. A Concellería de muller (the Office for Women) of the Council of  Ordes developed several policies for spreading this campaign at a local level. One of this was the work they hired us for: the design and painting of a mural, the objective of which being to spread the message of the campaign.

To reach a satisfactory conclusion, we had to look in depth at the current problem of corresponsibility and at the main objective of the campaign which was to make men aware of their responsibility at home and also of their responsibility for their partners and family.

This is what led us to think that first the message to be spread had to be clearly directed at men and second that it would have to raise men’s awareness about some of their responsibilities within home.

For this purpose, we referred to the responsibility of fathers for their children and we created this design that combines a written message that aims at the fathers’ conscience and causes reflexion. This image is accompanied by another realist aesthetic image that graphically symbolizes and illustrates the meaning of the written message.

Thus, we achieved a compact and compelling image aimed at the public both visually and literally, reinforcing in this way the understanding of the message that is the main objective of this campaign.

Technique: Spray on wall

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero