Cultura urbana shop


Client:  Cultura Urbana Urban Shop.
Work: Image Design and Applications
Year: 2008.

Cultura Urbana is a small chain store of clothes and articles for young urban people, also engaged in other activities such as graffiti, skate, etc.
For the trademark image, we have used a typographic template with a rough draft finish that represents the one obtained after painting a wall with a template and spray.
We decided to use this identifying element because it is directly associated with the graffiti technique, with street counterculture and hip-hop and with skate movements, a word, with the young urban world.
We simply used black and white colours due to their visual impact and also with the intention of highlighting  the "stencil" character in which it is usual to use these two colours.
We have been creating all the communicative applications of this shop right from its birth as a trademark and also from the opening of its first shop in Santiago de Compostela. Besides the manual of the corporative identity and the advertising campaign, we have also designed and decorated the inside walls of the various shops and also all the seasons catalogues, bags, signs and logos, cards, promotional flyers, banners, etc.  
Some of the work done can be seen here:

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero