Cultura Urbana Shop


Client: Cultura Urbana Urban Shop.
Work: Design and decoration of several interior walls.
Year: 2008.

Cultura Urbana is a chain store of clothes and articles for young urban people, also engaged in other activities such as urban culture, graffiti, skate, etc.

For the decoration of the mural of the new shop we built an imaginary vision of a Santiago invaded by the different disciplines of urban movements like graffiti, skate, brak-dance or more recent ones such as parkour.

In the mural, the sky is made of clouds designed with letters alluding to the artistic disciplines of urban movements. Rain is featured as coloured drops that tinge the cathedral with the chromatic range of the rainbow that can be seen at the back. In turn, the buildings of the city are speakers, radiocassette players, drum machines and electronic appliances used to compose contemporary music associated to the urban world.  People representing the aforesaid disciplines move with agility from one building to another performing graffiti, break-dance, parkour, skate, etc...
All the symbols refer to a common idea: the imminent invasion of the city by these new emerging cultures thus symbolizing the arrival and consolidation of Cultura Urbana Urban Shop in Santiago de Compostela.

Technique: mixed technique (spray, plastic and enamel on wall)

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero