DesOrdes Creativas


Cliente: Mutante
Work: Organization, artistic management and commission of the event / Image design and event advertising
Illustrations blog/posters :  Liqen
Year: 2008, 2009, 2010 e 2011.

DesOrdes Creativas is an urban art festival that we have organized every summer in Ordes (A Coruña) since 2008.

The festival was conceived and organized by Mutante with all the excitement and a good deal of altruistic effort also shared by all the artists that came to participate in all the consecutive editions. 

The festival tries to achieve two main goals:
On the one hand, it serves as a useful and regenerating event for the society and the whole village, acting as a rehabilitating boost against deficient urbanistic management that gives birth to brick and concrete corpes left to their fate. The proposal is to turn old deserted and depressed spaces into places full of colour and life where you can stop to watch, to reflect, to relax or to dialogue.

On the other hand, DesOrdes Creativas aims at becoming a reference festival in both Galicia and Spain, at serving as an annual showcase about what is going on in the Galician, Spanish and international urban artistic panorama by gathering in the village a meticulous selection of both veteran and emerging artists of the graffiti discipline..
All the following artists participated along the four editions of the festival DesOrdes Creativas. We would like to take this opportunity to give them thanks for their involvement and their love for this so necessary art:

Nash, Xpen, Laguna, Pelucas, Liqen, Nana, Peri, Sekone, Rigal, Gum, Sont, Kerg, Silc, Aiser, BlueMouse, Roke, Dr. Toy,  Isi, Potaje, Jul, Alei, Pake, Ras, Suizone, Fungus, Ossiris, Zeronetwo, Nakem, Shock,  Xori, Meos, Porte, Talos, Hermes, ETSueña, Rome, Abisal,  Hongos, Shire, Zonk, Asten, Sabor e Mus.

Here’s to them!!


LIQEN: "Red Hole"

LAGUNA: "Memoria sobre ladrillo"

PERI: "Diógenes"


PELS & RIGAL: "Pazo Burguer"


SOKRAM: "Malas Línguas"


Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero