Dios ke te Crew


Client: Dios ke te Crew
Work: logo design and design of various recording projects
Year: various

Dios ke te Crew is a hip-hop band and one of the widely known Galician bands both in Galicia and in the rest of Spain. We have designed all the recording works of the band right from its beginnings as well as the band logo design and other applications..

This typographic composition serves as the logo or identifier of the band, although it was initially thought just as a motif for the band T-shirts and for other applications such as stickers, web page, the canvas at the back of the stage in concerts and others.

Cover Maxi

This 2009 work, edited on the internet for free download, served as an advance of the last record of the band (2011) entitled "Humanose" (a kind of disease affecting humandkind).  The maxisingle consists of two tracks, a long central one entitled "Chove" (It’s raining) and a shorter one entitled "Ollo ó parche" (Watch out!)
The design refers to the central track of the maxisingle,"Chove", where the story of a night bing in Compostela is narrated. The song tells how the members of the band meet along Santiago bars and taverns and how the smoke and the alcohol mixed inside the heads and the bodies of the protagonists on a long rainy night. In the end, the protagonists end up wet through both on the outside and on the inside. For all these reasons, the cover presents a peculiar stained-glass window of a church referring to the sarcastic character of both the name of the band and their special attitude to religion. The motifs represented on that stained-glass window directly point to that almost sacred veneration of the wine and the ‘grass’, related also to the story narrated in the track"Chove".

Cover Xénese

Design and page makeup: Mutante  /   Photography: Ovidio Aldegunde  /  Illustration of the leaflet and tags: Sekone
This album was released in 2006 and was entitled "Xénese" (Genesis) as a reference to  (and a parody of) the Biblical Genesis. The parody came from the impersonation of the members of the band that are sent by an Allmighty Hip-Hop God who sends his disciples to spread His true word.
All the record oozes a constant sarcasm critisizing the current state of Spanish rap and it is also a parody of the stereotypes and canons used by the major part of the Spanish rap singers. This pseudoversion of the Bible can be considered a double-edged sword that, on the one hand, attacks these standard rap prototypes and, on the other hand, roars with laughter at Catholic religion and other political, moral or ideological conventions prevailing at that time.
These conditions, together with the condition of the band as an “underground” rap band, had a great influence on the elaboration of the record design that incorporates these motivations in graphic forms.
On the one hand, we used an aesthetics close to Gothic style, proper to one of the ages in which the Catholic Church achieved its greatest splendour and common to many churches and religious monuments. On the other hand, we mixed an aesthetics characterized by graphic resources proper to graffiti (tags) and street art (template letters). Moreover, we also included some photographs with a precise and well thought-out meaning like the one on the back cover in which we can see a hand sliding the lid of a sewer, the inside pictures showing the members of the band coming out to the surface or the CD front cover which is the slid of the sewer itself. 
In addition, we were also very lucky to count with Sekone’s talent. He designed an illustration of the inside leaflet that shows an apocalyptic vision of the Hip-Hop god’s apparition in the manner of a comic.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero