Josep Llinàs


Client: COAG, College of Architects of Santiago
Work: Graphic image design, advertising and applications for the "Casas Vividas" (Lived Houses) of Josep Llinàs.
Year: 2009

In order to create the graphic image of this exhibition and clarify the message that would best transmit the essence of Josep Llinàs as architect, first we had to understand his work and to study his career in depth. After some analysis and observation, we concluded that Josep Llinás’ work presents a series of clear characteristics that allow us to summarize them in just one sentence: he is a person who used to solve problems but became an artist.

About Llinàs we can say that he is an artisan of architecture thanks to his humanity, the love for his land, the respect he shows for the environment and for popular wisdom and, above all, the love he feels for his work.
Taking his models as basis, we composed semiorganic images with straight lines that would resemble a mosaic. To transmit his love for the land we used a chromatic shade of very light mauve, representing, in this way, the colours of the typical Catalonian trencadis. We paid special attention to Jujol’s work (whom Linàs greatly admired) in Güell park in which soft shades of mauve stand out in all the mosaics preserved there that also have a witish glaze tile basis. Thus, we refer to popular wisdom paying special attention to the Mediterranean tradition of the mosaic and focusing more specifically on modernist Catalonia.  
On the other hand, we used a white background that transmits order and cleanliness and that expresses the harmony and functionality achieved by the author in his buildings. 
As for the texts, we chose a Monotype Century Gothic Sans Serif geometric typography that, as well as the rest of the others in the same group, is based on basic geometric forms like the circle, the square or the triangle. It is perfectly legible and therefore it can be used in small blocks of text. Besides, its fluidity reminds us of the architectonic forms of Llinàs’ own style.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero