Client: London Club.
Work: Design and painting of several decorative murals
Year: 2009.

This project was carried out through coordination with the architecture and interior design studio AWN. They designed the project for the design of the premises interior and frontage.
Our task was to design and ellaborate several murals for the building interior, working on the areas marked by AWN for a perfect integration with the whole premises. 
The basic concept was to create an oniric, peculiar and unique London, very different from the contemporary one. Surrealism is the protagonist in this small peculiar London that takes you to a parallel dimension where the great symbols and icons of the city change their personality into surprising images that subvert reality in an ironic way.

Technique: mixed technique (spray, plastic, vinyl, mural wallpaper and enamel on wall)

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero