Meigas Fóra Festival


Client: Meigas Fóra Association. (meigas: Galician word for ‘witches’)
Work: Poster design and applications.
Year: 2007, 2008 and 2011.

Meigas Fora! is an independent musical festival with autonomic projection (i.e.: within Galicia) held annually at the village of Poulo (Ordes, A Coruña). It has been held for eight years and many important bands of the Galician and the Spanish musical panorama have played on the stage.
Our job was to design the festival image, the posters and other applications for the editions of  2007, 2008 and 2011.


In 2007 we introduced the topic of the ‘flying witches’ myth in a comic and sarcastic way. These witches, which form part of Galician popular beliefs, usually flew on broomsticks and were able to perform air acrobatics. They are, perhaps, the most famous and recognizable of our folklore. In this case, the witch of the poster seems to have drunk more magic potion than should be advisable or perhaps her driving licence has expired…




In the 2008 poster, we changed the concept and went in depth in the ideas of the so-called ‘witch hunt’  and the ‘covens’ (gatherings of witches where they supposedly called on the devil). Many of these witches had to face severe trials and ended up being burned at the stake. In these ‘witch hunts’ the people belonging to the so-called ‘civil justice’, armed with torches, went out at night in search of these clandestine witch meetings.  By referring to all this, we played with the idea of a peculiar witch hunt, i.e.: a festival in which the famous Galician saying ‘witches out!’ is called on, the musicians being the hunters that frighten the witches away with their music and with the fire that comes out of their instruments; in a word: with their energy.


In 2011, we studied the legends and the magical symbols of the history of Galicia with the aim of finding any element protecting against spells or against the widely known spelled called ‘the evil eye’. We found various icons rooted in our culture such as the ‘figa’ and the ‘werewolf’, both agents that protect people against spells cast by witches or by any other magical beings. We chose the ‘figa’ icon (a fist with the thumb placed between the first and the middle fingers) because, historically speaking, this is the most powerful amulet to directly fight witches and to frighten them away. To tackle the design, we adopted a modern language, closer to the Russian constructivism reinforcing, in this way, a call to take up arms against the enemy…the witches.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero