Nsaio Xeral


Client: NSAIO XERAL, 1st Galician Meeting of Up and Coming Music
Work: Graphic image Design of the event and applications
Year: 2009

NSAIO, the Galician network of premises for rehearsal, an organization dependent on the Xunta de Galicia (Galician autonomous government), organized NSAIO XERAL, an event that brought together all the groups belonging to this network on January 17th 2009 in Santiago de Compostela. The purpose was that all these groups participated in the activities of the event  (casting of groups, formative workshops, concerts..).

Right from the start, we considered this idea of a network of premises for rehearsal most important as its purpose is to become a cultural and musical network that allows every group or musician and every programmer to make themselves known to the public, to form part of the network, to meet other musicians or groups, to get information, to listen to other people, etc. In order to render this idea of a musical network of images, we used a visual metaphor that proposes the project Nsaio as a big biodiverse community with a multiplicity of interactive characters that symbolise all the agents conforming the network. This huge amount of leaves is co-inhabited by a motley list of insectinstruments symbolising all the Up and Coming Music that is ‘growing’ in our country and that goes forward in the same direction and with one single tune: to the light, i.e.: to the Nsaio Xeral (general rehearsing).

The various characters illustrated stand for traditional music (tambourine, bagpipe, etc.),  for a much more innovative music that uses new technology (samplers, synthesizers, record players, etc.) and, of course, for instruments more typical of other music styles such as jazz or rock (double bass, keyboards, acustic and electric guitars, etc.).

The iconographic style chosen to render this idea graphically was a type of illustration that combines the expressive simplicity of the iconography of comics with the realist minimalism proper to the vectorial drawing. By mixing these two languages we managed to communicate the modernity proper to an event of this characteristics and also to address the young public, as well as providing the event with freshness and a certain sense of humour through this conceptual metaphor.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero