San Pedro


Client: Ciber San Pedro.
Work: Corporative Image design and applications
Year: 2010.

Ciber San Pedro is an internet place in the historical San Pedro Street (St. Peter’s Street) in Santiago de Compostela. This is one of the most famous streets in Santiago and a symbol of the city since it is the street along which all the pilgrims to Compostela enter the city and the one that welcomes the pilgrims after their long journey.
For this work we followed the Bible and Catholic tradition and we considered the role of St. Peter as the indisputable guardian of the doors of Heaven.
We created a cybernetic St. Peter, keeper of the keys of Heaven, i.e.: the keys giving access to internet (keys-pendrive wi-fi), the keys to knowledge. Thus, St. Peter himself  symbolises the internet place itself. He opens the doors of the net of nets for you with his ‘sacred’ key.
For this purpose, we created two different images in order to represent the internet place with various media:
On the one hand, there is St. Peter’s image thought as a way to illustrating the sign-banner of the shop. This image shows a funny cybernetic St. Peter wearing an old fashioned hard disk as a halo and a router under his arm. He shows the ‘sacred’ keys that give access to that other world of the net of nets.
On the other hand, the image is completed and supported by the logo of the internet place, namely the key-pendrive wi-fi itself.
We build up a synthesis of the same concept for the image of the logo which symbolises the ‘key’, i.e.: the access to the internet, the internet place itself but within a simple and more direct image.
In addition, we designed business cards and two types of promotional T-shirts.

Deseño: Mutante / Desenvolvemento: Óscar Otero